Storytelling for BusinessStorytelling for Leadership

New York Times recently reported that Storytelling is an important skill in business success

Stories motivate, persuade, educate and inspire. When we tell them well, they can swell national pride, unite diverse people to a common goal and generally have magical properties to move even the most cynical among us. Stories are cathartic. They change our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. In business, leaders use stories to build rapport and forge “instant intimacy” or meaningful connections that can translate into sales, influence and employee motivation.  The ability to craft and deliver great stories is a critical presentation skill that all leaders should have in their communication toolbox. Using dynamic exercises and real practice opportunities, participants will learn and experience the following:

  • Where do good stories come from?
  • What are the elements of telling a well-crafted story?
  • How to use stories to bring strategic messages to life?
  • How to use stories to make strong business connections.

Storytelling for Sales
In sales, stories can help overcome objections and answer difficult questions that prospects might not feel comfortable ever asking but will likely impact the ability to close the sale. Telling a compelling story can bring a dry or complicated business case to life and make the impact more clear and memorable.

Storytelling for Women Executives
Women are natural storytellers yet in business they tend to shy away from this powerful skill for fear of seeming too emotional. Women executives need to find a way to comfortably and confidently harness the power of storytelling to communicate in an authentic way.

Storytelling training is available as a 2-hour, half-day or full-day session and can be delivered as a stand-alone session or as part of a larger team building or planning program.