With government grants ever-shrinking, many more arts & cultural organizations are all looking to Canadian companies to step in and provide the financial support necessary to fuel growth and development. To increase revenue generated from corporate sponsorships, arts and cultural organizations need to introduce a disciplined selling process that is consistently and confidently followed by every member of the team. This session will help arts organizations navigate how best to approach corporations and build mutually beneficial partnerships. This informative and interactive session will provide participants with information in the following areas:

  • Defining your unique offering in business-friendly terms
  • Targeting viable prospective sponsors
  • How to approach and pitch companies effectively
  • Presentation skills for new business pitches
  • Opportunistic & proactive outreach program to connect with the right companies
  • Follow up contacting program that isn’t nagging and gets responses
  • Research required to tailor pitches effectively
  • Delivering excellent service vs a life of servitude

Sponsorship Sales for Arts & Cultural Organizations session is suited for small to medium arts & cultural organizations looking to build the skills of existing sponsorship team member(s).