A brilliant new idea, a break-through product or advanced technology are just table stakes in the highly competitive business world. Many promising new companies have withered away because the young entrepreneur leading the charge is missing crucial communication and presentation skills necessary to convince next-level investors to support a costly go-to-market strategy.  Marketing strategy, presentation coaching, storytelling effectiveness and media interview training are combined and tailored to prepare young leaders on the best way to communicate the market value of their new enterprise. Using dynamic exercises and practice opportunities, the session will provide experience in the following areas:

•      Identifying the market audience and defining the real-world problem the new product or service addresses (impact of the product to the target audience)

•      Learning how to effectively tell the story of the product/service

•      Persuasive communication through improved presentation style

•      Developing a personal style that is more relatable but still authentic.

Fast-Track to Market sessions are available for 1-1 coaching or for small or large groups.