“Franca has provided media training for the Rising Stars programme at Toronto International Film Festival for three years running. Franca has a magnetic energy and possesses rare charm. Each participant in the programme has remarked on how much their perspective has changed and deepened having participated in the training. I have seen first hand how Franca’s insight can leave a lasting impression on young artists at pivotal moments in their career, crossing over into the international media space.”


Nicole Hilliard-Forde, Producer
TIFF Rising Stars (2012 – 2015)

“The media training I received demystified the process of dealing with journalists and helped me understand how to best represent myself in the Industry.”  

From TIFF’s 2012 Annual Report
Tatiana Maslany
TIFF Rising Star 2012

“Very effective facilitator! Seasoned, focused, and dynamic. A great coach!”

Janine (Richard) Lang, Senior Manager
Deloitte Consulting

“Over the past few years, Franca has spent time working with some of our more introverted artists and the results have been remarkable.  These are artists that, in the past, would try to avoid any public speaking engagement.  They are now totally comfortable doing media interviews in any and all situations.”

Steve Waxman, Vice President, National Publicity & Promotion
Warner Music Canada

“We hired Franca to provide presentation training for our entire staff at Hot Docs. The session was fun, engaging and very effective. We had a wide range of presentation experience represented in the room, and despite this, Franca was able to find a way to get everyone to feel comfortable, to learn something new and to make improvements. On a personal note, while I’ve done lots of presentations, I found the session equipped me with new tools and increased my confidence knowing I have prepared my content properly.” 

Brett Hendrie, Executive Director
Hot Docs

“I initially hired Franca to provide Storytelling for Influence for my Marketing team as part of our annual strategic planning session that also included our marketing agencies and partners. Not a group that is easily impressed! And yet Franca won them over with her passion and creative approach. We loved the storytelling session so much that we invited her back to provide Effective Presentations training. Both sessions used dynamic exercises and gave us practical steps that we could use to make real improvements.” 

Nancy Marcus, Corporate Vice President, Marketing
Kruger Products Canada

“In advance of our annual sales conference, this year the marketing team was determined to improve our presentation skills to ensure that our plans made a really big impact. Franca’s presentation training session was fun, featured highly engaging exercises and really helped each one of us make significant improvements in our presentation.  At the sales meeting, there was a noticeable difference in our presentations and we got lots of great feedback. Most importantly, as a team, we felt confident and properly prepared thanks to skills we learned from Franca.”

Pamela Coolican, Brand Manager
Ferrero Rocher                                                                                                                      

“Franca is a great trainer and faciliator. I’ve participated in two presentation training sessions with Franca and saw first hand how she was able to overcome the timidity and apprehensiveness of several participants. The skills and tips I took away from both sessions have personally helped me every time I make a presentation – and in how I approach many different social / groups situations.”

Alan Hurst, Director, Personal and Commercial Marketing
BMO Financial Group

“Franca provided an insightful workshop for Deloitte’s Fast Track program on pitch preparation. After working with the group of entrepreneurs for a day, she tailored the presentation she had initially prepared for us to incorporate feedback that was specifically relevant to the issues she identified in our group. The tailored content addressed the audience needs and was well received by the group.”

Iliana Oris Valiente, CPA, CA, Senior Associate, Corporate Financial Advisory, Valuation Services
Deloitte Consulting

Franca helped me successfully transition from the management team into my role on the Executive Committee.  Franca set a time frame and worked with me one on one to identify, grow and develop in key areas.  She was able to provide forthright and honest advice that sometimes may be difficult to garner amongst your peers.  Franca is a trustworthy individual who always reminded me to “start with the end goal”.  I know I can always rely on her for excellent advice on sensitive or tough situations.

Marna Santo, Vice President, Human Resources & Administration
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

“The leadership and mentoring I’ve received through my Sponsorship Selling 2.0 training sessions with Franca have set the foundations of my understandings of the principals of sponsorship, selling and further engagement with partners.”

Honor Humphreys, Director, Sponsorship & Events
Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO)

Franca delivered her Sponsorship Selling 2.0 training program to our sponsorship marketing team. The presentation was interactive and directly applicable to the work that we do on a daily basis.  Our team walked away with fresh perspectives on connecting with and following up with sponsor prospects, and some concrete suggestions on increasing our sales productivity.  Everyone – from our most junior to our most senior team members – enjoyed the session and learned something useful.

Jenn Shah, Director, Sponsorship
Hot Docs

“Franca’s ‘Creativity @ Work’ provided us with a tremendous opportunity to renew our creativity during our recent Strategic Planning session. When you’re doing more with less, you need to find new ways to feed your creative engine to make sure you can keep delivering innovative ideas that will break through the clutter. Franca provided much ‘food for thought’ through fun and engaging exercises, and provided helpful tips to renew our creativity.”

Colleen Mulholland ,Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Canadian Diabetes Association

“Through humour, candour and charm, Franca managed to bring the creative spirit alive and underscore the importance of providing a creative space for our work to flourish.”

Michelle Capobianco, Director Business Development
MS Society of Canada

“Franca provided group training and personal coaching for presentations. Following her approach, gave me the confidence to deliver presentations that are more memorable and have greater impact. Franca helped me to simplify my messages and focus on what was important!”

Trish Monkman, Marketing Strategist
BMO Financial Group

“In taking Franca’s presentation training session, she has helped me hone my skills to be more clear and concise when pitching companies. Her interactive training hits home that sales presentations aren’t just supposed to convey information, they need to PERSUADE. Her training gives you the tricks you need to do that, and she guides you to make it feel comfortable in your own voice. Franca passes on amazing information, yes, but the way she does it makes things memorable, and instantly use-able in the marketplace. I’d highly recommend her!”

Katie Maginn, Senior Manager, Sponsorship
Toronto International Film Festival

“Franca provided our senior management team with media interview training. Her session was very effective at getting them to understand the media and what we need to do in preparing for interviews to get the most of the opportunity. There were many levels of experience and many different personalities in the room and Franca managed to reach them all and make it a valuable session for each of them.”

Cheryl Kozoriz, PR & Marketing Manager
Aveda | Collega International

“Franca has provided Nokia with media interview training for a number of years. Whether working with our engineers, sales or marketing executives, she understands how to tailor her training to best suit the individuals involved. Franca provides candid coaching that works to bring out the best in each of them.”

Mila Mironova, Marketing & Communications
Nokia Canada

“I’ve been doing media interviews for years and thought I knew everything there was to know about doing them. My 1-1 coaching session with Franca gave me new perspective and taught me some new approaches that I was immediately able to put into practice. She’s a dynamic trainer and the afternoon session flew by too quickly.”

Jamie Kennedy
Chef and Local Food Advocate

“While I had been media trained before and felt pretty confident about my abilities as a spokesperson, Franca’s media interview training was very different from anything I had previously done. I learned a lot from her session and find myself still using some of the techniques she taught us around effectively managing interviews. She is smart, funny and genuinely wants to help you reach your goals.”

Paul Dillon, Vice President Sales, Marketing & Service
Canlan Ice Sports Corp.

“New to my position and just newly arrived to Canada – I needed someone to get me up to speed with the Canadian media landscape very quickly. Franca is smart, funny and full of energy. She isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear – and having someone willing to tell you the unvarnished truth is exactly what I needed. Her training is great. She’s fully on your side and won’t allow you to settle for less than the best from yourself.”

Tracey Sandilands, Executive Director
Pride Toronto