Franca Miraglia

Franca Miraglia, Trainer & Facilitator
Franca Miraglia has well over 25 years of professional communication counselling experience working with a wide range of companies across consumer, technology and corporate sectors on both the agency and client sides.  For over 15 years, she has provided presentation training, storytelling, creativity and media interview training to Olympic athletes, recording artists, television personalities and business executives.

Franca’s training combines the best of her creative/theatre background with her direct business experience overseeing new business development efforts and leading high performing teams within complex organizations. She has extensive experience in new business development and sales. Franca was responsible for overseeing TIFF’s sponsorship efforts, re-organizing them into a sales-focused team that successfully increased annual revenue by more than 73% over 4 years. As Associate Director at Ketchum Canada, she led the agency’s new business efforts for over 9 years and built the consumer brand practice into the fastest growing division contributing well-over 55% of annual revenue and 60% of the agency’s annual profitability.

While empathetic and supportive, Franca has been praised for providing clear and constructive feedback that participants need to hear and that often no one has previously had the courage to address with them.  Participants are open to exploring new ways of communicating and making necessary changes because they trust that Franca is committed to helping them break down any barriers in the way of their success.

A member of the Canadian Society of Training and Development, Franca has studied Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier University and earned her Masters of Fine Art (MFA) in playwriting at York University.  A storyteller in her own right, she is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America and has had her plays produced in Toronto and Off-Off-Broadway.